Short paragraphs Environment Pollution

short paragraphs Environment Pollution

The world we live in is full of things- both natural and manmade. Both natural and man-made things constitute our environment. Any abnormal change in the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of the environment is called pollution. Environmental pollution is a direct consequence of industrial advancement. Our environment is getting polluted in various ways. In big industrial areas, the air is getting polluted by the exhausts of automobiles, furnaces, industrial soot, etc. Again, there are other factors like the decomposition of garbage and other refuse which fill the environment with dirt and filth. The rivers, canals, and lakes near the industrial areas get highly intoxicated by industrial wastes which are being thrown into them. It causes a lot of harm to mankind. It causes bronchial injuries, burning health hazards to a greater extent. So, some effective and positive measures should be taken to prevent environmental pollution. A national consensus is necessary to apprise people of the impending danger. We as well as the govt. should make all-out efforts to create a better environment for living on earth

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