short paragraph “Patriotism”.


Love of one’s country and willingness to defend it is
known as patriotism. A patriot is a person who loves
his country so intensely that he is willing to die for it.
But love of the motherland should not mean hatred of
other countries. It is a positive and creative virtue
because it makes one always think of the good of one’s
own country. Readiness to die if necessary, in defence
of one’s country; working for its advancement and
redressing its shortcomings are indications of
patriotism. But, if we are fanatic and blind to our
national defect, patriotism will become a dander.
Parochial patriotism results in ultra-nationalism that
was responsible for many a sanguinary war in the past.
But true patriotism is divine and praise worthy. A true
patriot is revered by his fellow country men. There goes
a proverb that ‘ It is sweet and beautiful to die for one’s
own country ; Mere lip-service to one’s country is not
patriotism rather it must be supported by actual work
for country’s advancement and prosperity.

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