Paragraph Corruption

Corruption is nowadays a tradition of our society. But it is
considered a curse for national life. If there exists corruption in
our national life, the nation will surely perish in the darkness of
ignorance, terrorism and anarchy. A nation can be prosperous if
it goes on the way of honesty, truthfulness and justice. The main
duty of a nation is to pave the way for development. If a nation
goes forward in a just and proper way and depends on honesty,
it will be able to rise to the peak of success. The world’s history
says that the country which was guided by honesty and
truthfulness, became successful. On the other hand, if
corruption enters society, the way of development is totally
closed. The corrupt people always speak ill of others. They only
think and care for themselves. They do not think about others
welfare. That is why, corruption is considered the course for a
nation or a society. This corruption causes much harm to a
nation. Thus, men’s lives are covered with miserable griefs and

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