Idioms and phrases in english To Bangla

A bed of roses (ফুলসজ্জা, সুখকর অবস্থা)- Life is not a bed of roses.
A black sheep (কুলাঙ্গার)-Every family has a black sheep.
A castle in the air (আকাশ কুসুম কল্পনা)- Only fools can build castle in the air.
A cock and bull story (আজগুবি গল্প)- His cock and bull story cannot influence me.
A far cry (বিশাল ব্যবধান/পার্থক্য)- This dlat is a far cry from the house they had before.
A fish out of water (অস্বস্থিকর অবস্থা)- My condition is just like a fish out of water.
A fool’s paradise ( বোকার স্বর্গ)- Nobody should live in a fool’s paradise.
A lot of (প্রচুর)- There are a lot of dangerous drivers in our country.
A man of straw (দুর্বল চিত্তের লোক)- A man of straw never wins a race.
A man of letters (বিদ্বান/পন্ডিত ব্যক্তি)- A man of letters is properly conscious of his duties.
A man of words (এক কথার লোক)- I am a man of words.

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