Short paragraph “Unemployment”.

The unemployment is the state of not having a job. It is
one of the most serious social and economic problems of
the present world. It exists not only in poor countries, but
also in apparently developed countries like England and
the united states of America. The unemployed people
suffer from lack of food, decent housing, health and all
the pleasures of life. So pragmatic steps must be taken to
mitigate unemployment problem as soon as possible.
Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population.
Unemployed problem in Bangladesh is chronically
acute. The unemployed people and there families lead
there life in economic hardship. The jobless often become
frustrated and drug addicted out of their unemployment
and resort to illegal means to earn their livelihood. At
one time emigration was the chief remedy to this
problem. But at present, emigration on a large scale is no
longer possible. So the only alternative we have is to
create jobs for them. Our whole economy may be at stake
if we cannot mitigate unemployment problem property.

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