Short Paragraph Morning Walk

Morning Walk
Morning walk means walking in the morning. It is both
pleasant and good health. In the morning nature
remains fresh and quiet. Hence, it is impressive and
wholesome to walk in the morning. A man who dose
not go out for a walk in the morning cannot enjoy the
freshness of morning air and equanimity of morning
environment. Morning air is not only very fresh but
also refreshing. A man who goes out for a walk in the
morning can easily inhale cool and refreshing morning
air and thus soothe his nerves. So morning walk is good
for both body and mind. It helps us to make our body
strong and vigorous and to do our job both efficiently
and effectively. Therefore we all should develop a habit
of walking in the morning so that we can reap the
benefits to health. It is not the waste of time and
energy. Morning walk has an invigorating effect on us.

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