Short Paragraph a moonlit night

A Moonlit Night
A night when the moon shines with its full brilliance
and gives a fresh and overwhelming light is called a
moonlit night. It is different from any other night. A
moonlit night is characterized by its own charm and
beauty. It is a very pleasant and enjoyable night. When
the moon appears in the sky, it looks like a moonlit
night. The beauty of a moonlit night charms and
inspires the poets to write poems sitting in the silvery
night of the moon. Many people go for roaming in the
fields. Even rivers, canals and ponds seem to be
cheerful in the spend our of the moonlit night. To
beauty lovers a moonlit night is a source of recreation.

They do everything to the best of their ability to enjoy
the grandeur of a moonlit night. The tender and silvery
light of a moon night makes us feel fresh and cheerful,
It often fills our heart with joy and jollity.

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