Short paragraph A Day Labour

A Day Labour
Those who work daily basis on hire are called day
labourers. There are day labourers in towns and in
villages. A town day labourer mainly does building or
road construction work. But a village day labourer
generally works in farms. He gets up early in the
morning and works from dawn to dusk . He has to
maintain his family with hardship because he hardly
earns enought to support his family decently. His
children are deprived of education, proper treatment
and other basic needs. When he earns more, his joys
know no bounds and he tries to buy something special
for his family. He tries to satisfy the demands of his
children. But when he cannot find any work to do, he
becomes disappointed. Consequently, he as well as his
wife and children has to pass the day without having
any food. Although the service of the day labourers is of
great use to our society, they are often deprived of their
rights. So we have to be careful about their rights.

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