Short Paragraph Corruption.

Short Paragraph
Corruption means adopting unfair means for achieving
personal gain by the people, especially people in power. It
is a social malady. Corruption is becoming unbridled day
by day. People become corrupted mainly out of greed for
money, wealth and power. There is hardly any sphere of
daily life where there is no practice of corruption.
Businessmen, lawyers, doctors service holders, politicians,
engineers and teachers are not free from corruption.
Corruption has a cancerous effect on our society. It is
worse than a prostitute. Because a prostitute destroys the
very fiber of the character of an individual where as
corruption destroys the fiber of the character of a
society. Although it is not easy to root out corruption,
steps should be taken immediately to stop it. The mass
media can play a significant role in this regard. The
common people of the country should also raise their
voice against corruption. Anti-corruption commission has
been working hard to root out corruption from all spheres
of life. But its success depend on the willingness of the
government to let it work independently and give it all
types of support it needs.


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