Your Favorite Teacher

Your Favorite Teacher
Almost all of my teachers are good. But one of them is
very favorite to me. Teachers are nation builders. A
good teacher is an assets not only to an educational
institution but also to the whole nation. My favorite
teacher is Mr. Anamul Haq. He is my friend,
instructor and guide. He is an ideal teacher having
extraordinary qualities. He is a man of strong
personality. He knows well how to motivate and
persuade students to gather knowledge. He is very
friendly, punctual and dutiful. His teaching med hoods are
well-planned and scientific. He is a good speaker. His
good command over the subject he teaches deserves
high estimation. He is very popular to his students.
Although he is a BA. his vast knowledge attracts me
much. His presentation skoal is also good. He always tries
to help the backward students by extra support. All the
students are attracted to his amicable behavior. I take
pride in him.

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