Paragraph your birthday

Your Birthday
Birthday is the day in easy year which is the same date
as the one on which one was born. Recently I have
celebrated my 16th birthday on 30 October this year. I
decorated my house colorfully. Every year I celebrate
this day gorgeously. Our house was made neat and
clean. Most of my relatives and friends were invited.
The party started at 5 pm. I wore a new and nice dress
gifted by my parents. I was presented with many gifts
by the guests. It seemed that I was floating in gifts.
Among the gift, books were of special significance to
me. I along with my guests cut the cake and they all
uttered in chouks ‘Happy birthday to you’. Some fo my
guests entertained us by singing songs and making
jokes. Many took my photographs with their cameras.
The guests were served with many food items such as
cack, fried fish, chicken biriani etc. All the guests
wished me a bright and successful future. They took
leave in the evening. It was a joyous day. I enjoyed the
day very much.

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