Short Paragraph Dangers of Smoking

Short Paragraph
The Bad Effects of Smoking
Or, Dangers of Smoking

Smoking is a very bad habit. It is injurious to our heath.
So harmfulness of smoking can hardly be denied. Hence
I also consider it as a very bad habit. Smoking causes
many diseases such as cancer, heart attack, chronic
bronchitic and some other fatal diseases. Every puff of
cigarette contains fifteen billion particles of harmful
matters such as nicotine, me thy alcohol, carbon
monoxide, formaldehyde, bezopyrene etc. All these
thing direly affect not only a smoker. But also a non-
smoker sitting or living with a smoker. But fortunately
there are no smokers in my family. Since smoking
affects both a smoker and a non -smoker, smoking
should be banned in public places. The government has
already banned smoking in public places. So awareness
among people about the bad effects of smoking must be
created. The smokers should give up smoking or refrain
from smoking in public places considering the dangers
of smoking to a non-smoker.

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