Short Paragraph Early Rising

Early Rising
Early rising is the habit of getting up early in the
morning. It is a good habit. It is congenial to both our
body and mind. There is a calm and serene atmosphere
everywhere in the morning. An early riser can enjoy the
beauty of nature and energize his body and mind by
taking physical exercise in morning breeze. He can do
all his work in time and efficiently. There is a wise
saying that ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man
healthy, wealthy and wise. So we should develop the
habit of getting up early in the morning. One who gets
up early gets a lot of time to do his work properly. He
not only goes to bed early and enjoys a sound sleep but
also gets up early in the morning. One who dose not get
up early cannot enjoy the very freshness of morning air.
I myself am an early riser and I think everybody should
try to be an early riser.


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