Grammar tense English course online.

Tense এর ১২ টি Form এর Auxiliary Verb গুলো দেওয়া হলোঃ

Present   Indefinite Do. Does
Present   Continuous Am, is ,are
Present   Perfect Have, Has
Present   Perfect Continuous Have been, Has been
Past Indefinite Did
Past Continuous Was, were
Past Perfect Had
Past Perfect Continuous Had been
Future Indefinite Shall, will
Future Continuous Shall be, will be
Future Perfect Shall have, will have
Future Perfect Continuous Shall have been, will have been

ব্যতীক্রমঃ Healping Verb ছাড়া Present Indefinite ও Past Indefinite Tense এর Assertive sentence ( হাঁবোধক-বাক্য ) গঠন করা যায়।

মুখস্ত না হওয়া পর্যন্ত পড় । কারণ Healping Verb ছাড়া কখনই Tense গঠন করা সম্ভব নয় ।


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