Wh- Question rule

(8) Whose- এর অর্থ কাহার। Whose সাধারনত Possessive Pronoun এ পরিবর্তে বসে।
Whose as subject
Structure: Whose+Noun বাক্যের বাকী অংশ।
যেমন : (i) His father came here.
(ii) Their guardians help us.
Wh- Question : Whose guardians help us?
Whose as object
Structure: Whose + Noun + Auxiliary Verb + Subject + মূল Verb ?
যেমন : (i) He helps his father.
Wh- Question : Whose father dose he help?
(ii) Jamal borrowed my uncle’s umbrella.
Wh- Question : Whose umbrella did Jamal borrow?
(9) Why- এর অর্থ কেন। Why কারনযুক্ত বাকক্যেও পরিবর্তে বসে। কারনযুক্ত বাক্য যেমন: যে সকল বাক্যাংশের পূর্বে
Since, As, Because, for, So, So that, Because Of ইত্যাদি বসে এবং (To +Verb) দ্বারা উদ্দেশ্য বুঝালে বসে।
Whose as subject
Structure: Why+Auxiliary Verb+ Subject+ মূল Verb?
যেমন : (i) The boy was punished as the stole.
Wh- Question : Why was the boy punished?
(ii) He want to Iterpool to by a pen.
Wh- Question : Why did he go to Iterpool?
(iii) Joy has done well in the examination because he has regularly.
Wh- Question : Why hes Joy done well in the examination?
(iv) He was admired by all because he was an honest man.
Wh- Question : Why was he admired?

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