A poster to create awareness of the safety of roads and highways. …….

Avoid Road Accident ! Save Live.

Road accident bring the worst suffering
Stopping road accident is a great duty

Avoid road accident, for it causes :

  • Tragic death of many valuable lives.
  • Injuries and irreparable loss to live and property.
  • Harm to way -fares.

To avoid the gruesome occurrence :

  • Obey the traffic rules strictly.
  • Avoid reckless driving and overtaking.
  • Free the roads from all kinds of jams.
  • Use footpaths and over bridges while crossing roads.
  • Avoid old vehicles and inexpert drivers.
  • Mind a little mistake can cause a lot of tears and loss of life.

Be careful ! Avoid road accident !

The Ministry of Communication
Shegunbagicha, Dhaka

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