a book fair paragraph

Nowadays book fairs are becoming more and more popular in
Bangladesh. These are held in different cities and towns on
some special occasions. The tradition originated from the book
fair held at Bangla Academy in commemoration of the Language
Movement. In a book fair, all the leading publishers set up
stalls. Some importers of foreign books also have their own
stalls. Islamic Foundation and bangla Academy open stalls at
book fairs. Thus there is a large number of well -decorated and
attractive book stalls in a book fair. At the fairs people can buy
books on a tempting commission. The book fairs thus widen the
forum of reading public. Besides books, cassettes of Rabindra
Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, folk songs and of recitation are also put
on display sell snacks mainly traditional Bangladeshi snacks.
Book fairs are a noble venture and they have proved to be a

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