Cell Phone

Introduction : Cell phone is a telephone system that functions without any wire. Cell phone is a great invention of modern science. It has added a new dimension to our life and communication system.

Advantages : The cellular phones are easily portable from place to place. Through cellular phone we can send messages (normal, photo and voice messages), send e-mail to distant places, play games, know time, listen to songs and watch movies, do calculation jobs, get news of different channels. We can also use the Internet through cellular phones having GPRS modem. The popularity of cell phones is increasing very rapidly. More than two crore people of Bangladesh are now using cell phone. Many companies are now providing telephony services to the people at an affordable rate. The tele -density is increasing fast. Now anybody can purchase a cell sed at a negligible price. The world has become a global village with the touch of modern technology. We can communicate with the people of any country within a few seconds with this wonderful invention of modern science. The users of cell phones are increasing day by day. People are getting manifold benefits.

Disadvanges :  In spite of all these advantages, the cell phones have some drawbacks. The young generation is greatly affected by the evil influences of cell phones. They are using it as a fashion. They are now indulged in listening to songs, watching pornographic movies and sending vulgar messages. Sometimes, they chat for hours together which are very damaging to there health. The cell phone  sometimes become the cause of health hazard, especially, the children are affected much. Scientists believe that cell phones  cause brain tumors, genetic damage, and many other incurable diseases. They believe that invisible uncontrolled radioactivity of the cell phone causes irreparable damage to human body. They say that the government should control radioactive sources (both ionized and non – ionized ). It is true that millions of people are getting benefits from modern cellular telephone but most are blissfully unaware of the danger of it . Doctors say if a user continues his/ her conversation more than two minutes, the ‘blood brain barrier’ gets damaged. The person gets continued exposure to radiation causes by cellular telephone. Using cellular telephone is also harmful to the pregnant women. So Bangladesh government should have an official ban on using cell phone by children and pregnant women. Besides, terrorist outfits are using cell phones for spreading out terrorism throughout the world. They have even there owe networking system.

Conclusion : We can say that though the cell phones have some demerits, its necessity in exchanging dialogues, sending messages cannot be denied in the truest sense of the term in our day -to -day life.   

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