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A Walk in the Sea – Beach

A Walk in the Sea – Beach is a unique experience. It is so refreshing to have a walk alone the long stretched beach. You can here the roaring sea calling you near, and the strong,

 Murmuring wind coming form the sea will soothe your heart and body. It is more pleasing to see the clattering sea gulls flying overhead. Taking a walk in the sea beach is more exciting when the sun is setting. The sea – beach in Cox’sbazar is famous for its sun setting views. As you walk in the sea – beach your herd will be enthralled by the sight of miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells etc. The Creator casts a magic spell on the weary wanderers who go there to have a refreshing experience amid everyday hue and cry. One can get back home with a serene and tranquil heart after having a long rejuvenating walk in the sea -beach.

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