A dialogue between you and your class teacher seeking permission to leave college early …..

A dialogue between myself and the class teacher to leave college early :

Myself             : May I come in, Sir?

Class teacher : Yes,come in. Any problem?

Myself             : Yes, sir. I have been suffering from fever for two days. In the morning I felt better and                               

that’s why I came to college. But now, I feel out of sorts.

Class teacher     : Have you gone to our college doctor?

Myself                 : Yes. Sir.

Class teacher     : Has she examined you?

Myself                 : Yes, Sir.

Class teacher      : What has she suggested?

Myself                  : She has suggested me to leave college as early as possible because my temperature is                       

                                 rising. I feel sick.

Class teacher       : Have you informed your parents of your ailment?

Myself                   : Yes, Sir. My father is coming to take me home.

Class teacher        : Now, I permit you to leave college early. It’s the second period now. Wait for your               

                                     father and have a rest in the common room .

Myself                    : Thank you sir.

Class teacher        : You’re welcome. Inform me of your heath condition later.                         



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