Use and Abuse of Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is one of one of the latest wonders of modern communication technology. It is handy and portable as the term mobile signifies. It is a small telephone that can be carried in a hand or pocket. The effective speaking range of man is only a few yards. But with the help of the mobile phone he has increased the range to hundreds and thousands of miles. Is it not a miracle that a man walking alone a street or riding on a vehicle can speak to his friend or relatives hundreds of miles away? Is it not useful for a man while shopping in the market to pass on valuable information to people at home or at distant places? We are now living in an age of information technology. And information is power. Mobile phone is a vehicle to obtain information in an instant at a minimum cost. A man travelling a distant part of the land is talking to his friend or relatives at home. And all those are done at a nominal cost. A mobile phone is very useful to important persons like politicians, artists, doctors, businessmen and high officials. But like all other gifts of science it is not an unmixed blessing. The mobile phone is a useful instrument and it can be used by both good and bad people. The police can use it in maintaining law and  order and detecting the criminals can use it in committing crimes. The mobile phone is, however, an indispensable and potential addition to the modern live-style.


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